Happy Pride! | My Recs + TBR + Wishlist

Hello Blogosphere! Christine here, bringing you the obligatory Pride Month post…with a bit of a twist.

Here’s the thing: I don’t talk about this stuff offline.

Although a few close people know about my invisible sexuality, I’d still consider myself pretty closeted. As a cis woman married to a man, my identity as (some sort of) bi just doesn’t seem to matter most of the time. I have never felt fully part of the queer community, yet I’m drawn to it at the same time because I don’t really belong anywhere else. And yet, Pride Month is the time of year when I’m reminded to be proud of all the things that make me an outcast everywhere else.

So today, I’m talking about queer books that mean something to me, as well as sharing what’s on my reading list for this month.

My Queer Recommendations: Books I’ve Read & Loved

Note: to see more queer books, check out my shelf on Goodreads!
💫= intersectional 🗣= queer author (that I’m aware of)




Transgender/Non-Binary + Intersex

Ace Spectrum

My (Overly Ambitious) Pride Month TBR

This month, I’ve decided to attempt to read one book from every letter of the queer alphabet. I don’t know that I’ll be able to actually do it, but here are the books on my list for this month:

L – People in Trouble by Sarah Schulman🗣
G – You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman
B – Small Town Hearts by Lilli Vale
T – I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver🗣
Q – Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
I – Alex As Well by Alyssa Brugman
A – Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
P – Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss🗣

My Queer Wishlist

What’s on your TBR this June? Do you have a favorite queer book I haven’t mentioned here? Let’s chat in the comments! Until next time,

15 thoughts on “Happy Pride! | My Recs + TBR + Wishlist”

  1. I love your recommendations, Christine, so many great books here! I really liked What If It’s Us, Everything Leads To You, Noteworthy and Queens of Geek and it seems like I have quite a lot of books to add to my TBR thanks to you again 😀
    I love you TBR as well and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all of these, especially Radio Silence, Small Town Hearts and You Asked For Perfect, since I loved all of these books SO much! 😀

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    1. Awww yay for TBR expansion! I bought Small Town Hearts and You Asked for Perfect because of your glowing praise, so I’m really looking forward to those. I’ve honestly been saving them as a kind of pick-me-up since I have been in such a slump lately. Then again, maybe that’s just the depression talking…

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      1. Ahh, can’t wait to hear what you think of them! ❤
        I'm sorry you've been in a slump, Christine, I hope that it goes away soon and know that I'm always just a message away to chat or anything, always ❤

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  2. Omg this is such a great idea!! Small Town Hearts and Girls of Paper and Fire are sooooo good! One thing though, I’m pretty sure the main character of You Asked for Perfect is bi? I think I remember some passages where he talks about coming out as bi, anyway!

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    1. OMG are you telling me my TBR is more bi than I thought?! OH NO! Just kidding…

      Right after I posted this, I found a book at the library that’s about Latinx drag queens in NYC in the 1980s so I’m definitely not going to be sticking to this TBR. Every June it’s so hard to choose which queer books to read and feature. Le sigh.

      Honestly, I mostly chose this format because I realized how much of my queer shelf falls into the L,G, and B. Those are probably the easiest books to find, for one thing, but they’re also the most hyped. And shouldn’t I be challenging myself to read more outside of the easy path when it comes to queer books?


  3. Yes! This is exactly the collection of book recommendations that I need! 😆 My favorite one so far on your list is Tash Hearts Tolstoy, not only for it’s representation of the main character being on the ace spectrum (actually, reading the book a few years ago introduced me to the term “asexual,” so I adore it for educating me 🙂 but also because the book is HILARIOUS. I rarely laugh out loud when reading books but Kathryn Ormsbee somehow succeeded in doing that.

    Wishing you a wonderful reading month & I can’t wait for more book recommendations throughout the next month!

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    1. I loved reading Tash Hearts Tolstoy so much! It was the first book I ever read with asexual rep, but I also just really appreciated Tash as a character, and learning more about the process of making a web series was really interesting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this list! I could’ve made it so much longer, but I didn’t want to completely overwhelm. I should’ve mentioned this in the post, but I’m indebted to https://lgbtqreads.com/ and other bloggers for introducing me to these books in the first place.

      Happy reading!! ❤

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  4. Happy Pride! This is such a great list! I can definitely recommend another Nina LaCour book (We Are Okay) which I adored massively. I’m excited to read Small Town Hearts and Noteworthy (hopefully) soonish! Happy reading and I hope you have a great month! c:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you! It’s definitely turning out to be a lot more difficult than I thought at first. For one thing, there are spectrums within each of the letters that I know I’m not fully going to get to read about. And for another thing, I definitely don’t have enough time in one month to read all the books on my TBR. Ah, the struggles of being a book blogger…


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